All of the replays from ALL of the webinars are available for watching. It allows us to build a library of videos about the same topic, but explained differently, with different questions, and different stories. This means that students don’t have to watch the same webinar they were in, over and over, they can watch the same material, presented differently.

This can lead to some confusion. In Series 6 study course, the one with the most webinars both per class, and the most number of classes so most total webinars can be a little messed up. The first Series 6 classes (along with the second had 63 combined) were called V1 and V2. The third was V3 and did not include a Series 63 component. The classes now are marked by Month and Year (MonYYYY) format to make it easy. If you want to see the class taught January 2017, look for Jan2017. If you want the class taught April 2017, look for Apr2017.

The other classes, being they came after we realized the confusion over calling them V1, V2,… are named by date.

Make sure you watch several different ones. They have different student questions and different explanations.