How to register for the webinars?

The current webinars we offer;

SIE Study Course: This is a 6-class course spread out, usually, over 6 weeks. This allows the student time to absorb the information.

When one ends, the next one generally starts the following week, 2 weeks later at the latest. The price for 12 weeks of membership for these classes is $149.

SIE Cram Course: This is the “Jeff Tharp Cram Course”. This is a 2-day weekend cram course, designed to stuff all the important information for the test into your brains before you test.

These are generally offered once every 4-6 weeks. The cost is $119.

Series 65 cram course: This is an intensive, 2-day cram course on the Series 65. This is the hardest test we offer help for, make sure you are willing to work before you attempt this class. It is better to wait until you are ready, then spend the money when you aren’t, and not be ready to take the test.

The expectation is to do one of these every 2-3 months depending on demand. These will be $150.

Series 26 cram course: This is an intense, 2-day cram course for the Series 26. It is a tricky exam, make sure you are able to put the time in to study the material. These are expected to be offered every 2 months, and cost $150.

Series 63 study course: This is a 1-day webinar for the Series 63. The live webinars, when offered, cost $40, while the replays of all previous classes is $20.

Go to our Calendar for the list of scheduled classes.

 Webinars in the more distant future (maybe never)

Series 66 course: This class is simply a combination of the Series 65 and the Series 63. This is likely to also be a 2-day course, similar to the Series 65, but with slightly different materials. This will likely come long before the Series 7. This is likely to be similarly priced as the Series 65.

Series 7 course: This one has been asked of me several times. Depending on how things change, how my time is available, I may start putting something together. This will be several days, I do not know if it will be consecutive days or single days spread over consecutive weeks, but expect this to be 30-40 hours minimum of class. Pricing will depend on final time, structure, and demand. Let’s be honest, if you think it is a painful test to take or study for, imagine trying to teach someone else. This is not a small task.


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