SIE, Series 6 Top-Off, and Series 63 Combo (SIE in Spanish/English)


SIE Spanish/English Bilingual Concept Cards

English/Spanish Bilingual Concept Cards.

English on one side, Spanish on the other of the most important concepts.

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Series 6 Top Off Concept Cards

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Series 63 Concept Cards

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This is our 3 most popular cards together, and what is needed to get the 3 licenses required to sell Mutual Funds and Variable Annuities in all 50 states.

Getting the pack saves $10 (plus shipping) over ordering them individually!

SIE in spanish/english is $43, Series 6 Top Off is $28, Series 63 is $23 individually, $43+$28+$23=$94, save $9!

(Only the SIE is available in the Spanish/English format)



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