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What is the Series 6 Study Course?

The Series 6 study course is a 6-class course, that breaks the Series 6 into manageable chunks. The first 5 classes are the actual material for the Series 6, and the 6th course is a review day.

The course is recorded as a Live Interactive Streaming Webinar one day a week for 3 hours.

The replays of all of the courses, both current and past, are available for viewing. That way, students can watch multiple versions of the same material; same material, different analogies, stories, questions, etc. Basically, it’s the same song, but it is sung differently.

Membership is for 10+2 weeks, 10 weeks initially, and 2 additional weeks upon request at any time after initial 10 weeks expires.

A Sample of the Webinar Replay is located at that link on our facebook page. You can see and hear the back and forth between the students and myself. They are live, and very interactive.

This is a membership, where you will have access to the links of all live webinars for the Series 6 Study Course. The live interactive webinars are a part of the class, but they are not the only part.

You now have access to both the Series 6 Study and Cram course videos with either purchase.

In addition to the webinars;

The Study Course includes access to a full list of Posts. Some of them are available for sampling at that link. 

In addition, there are Animations, again some are available for sampling at that link.

We are building an iSpring video library for the course as well, with samples of iSpring located in the iSpring Demonstration link.

We are creating an iSpring lecture version of the Study Course starting in August 2017, and will be finished by the end of September 2017. This will allow students to go to the exact slide easily, and focus on what they need. The sample is above.

Ways to use the Study Course

There are several ways you can join and use the Study Course.

  1. You can join, and participate in each live class, practice between weeks, ask questions, take quizzes from the class until the next one.
  2. You can join, and just watch all the replays. You can do this over 6 weeks, you can do this in a weekend as a self-made Cram Course.
  3. You have access to videos, written material, animations, and the teacher’s phone number and e-mail, you can use the material in anyway you think will be beneficial!

You can join at anytime!

You do not need to wait until a live class is starting, with the length of membership and the repetitions of the class, you are guaranteed to have at least one of every class live in your membership period. 

You get the Guys!

With all of our classes, from the live interactive streaming webinars to our video options, all our members can e-mail, text, or call us (Jeff & Brian) with any questions!

Price and Registration

The Study Course is $130 for 10 weeks of initial access to the videos and replays, and then 2 additional weeks after those initial 10 if needed.

Upcoming Classes

There are no live Series 6 classes.

There is always the 2-day Review Course

Information for the 2-day Series 6 Review Course




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