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Brian Kolins of TheSecuritiesGuys.guru Individual Tutoring Information

I charge $50 an hour for individual hours, but I give discounts for bulk hour purchases; 5 hours for $200 ($40/hour), and 10 hours for $300 ($30/hour). For bundle plans I generally collect half upfront, and the other half half-way through the class, but am willing to work with people to find other options if needed. The hours include my traveling time, so it is best for you to either come to me, schedule over the internet (google duo and join.me), or we figure out a place I will already be at so travel time is minimized (before a meeting at the Conshohocken training center as example).

There are several ways we could work together;

1 on 1 max study: Going through the entire class 1 on 1 or potentially 2 on 1 max. This is the same material in the class, but in a closer atmosphere, answering just your questions as opposed to potentially many other people in the general group classes.
Expect this option to be 12-14 hours (S6), 3-6 hours (S63), 14-16 hours (S26, S65)

Individual tutor: You read through the material, and call me or meet with me for 1-2 hours a week of review, questions, demonstrations, etc.
Expect this option to be 6-12 hours (S6), 2-6 hours (S63), 8-14 hours (S26, S65)

Test Reviewer: You have me review tests. You take a test and send me the results (questions and what you missed), and I can then review this with you and try to help find where you actually don’t understand something. Many times there are only a few concepts a student is “missing”, but those concepts resonate throughout the test, so all section scores are lower because of only a couple pieces of repairable information.
Expect this option to be 1-2 hours per test to review (S6, S63, S26, S65)

Other options are available: those are just the ones I’ve done so far. Please contact me with ideas on how you think I can best help you!        

Contact me: If you have any questions please let me know. I will send or give a copy of the contract upon request.


Brian Kolins
(610) 348-1966


*Prices above are subject to change in the future, but will never change in the middle of a contracted study plan.