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The Series 6 webinar course provided much needed insight into key terms and concepts that will be included on the exam. The course materials were very detailed as was the thorough explanations provided by Brian [Kolins] throughout the sessions. I recommend this webinar for all currently studying for the Series 6! LaShanda Roberts

LaShanda Roberts    May 17, 2017   Series 6 Study   

The class was very informative. Brian kept it entertaining and interesting at the same time. I will be recommending all of my current and future agents to The Security Guys. -Chris McGee

Chris McGee    May 17, 2017   Series 63   

“I definitely have more confidence in passing the series 65 after taking Brian's class.”

Edward Richards SRL    May 16, 2016  

“I attended the pilot class and it was very worth my time. Brian is very detail oriented and knowledgeable on the subject matter. He made the class fun and interesting. Before the class, I was feeling overwhelmed by the thought of taking the test, but Brian has made me feel confident that I can accomplish it. Thank you!!!!!”

Anonymous Student    May 16, 2016  

“Great interactive class! I feel more confident in taking my exam now. Thanks.”

F. Ames    May 16, 2016  

“The class on series 65 has many concepts that must be understood if anyone wants to be successful in passing this monster. Brian is the perfect teacher/ instructor for helping all capture more than enough information to be successful the first time. Thank you for making this last weekend worth the time.”

Anonymous Student    May 16, 2016  

I believe as I study more for the exam, I will gain a greater appreciation of the value of the course. The course got me to to rethink my test taking strategy. For example, get through the exam in an hour, and use and 1 1/2 hours to go over the the 50 to 60 questions I answered and marked for review.

Annonymous    May 17, 2017   Series 26   

I learned a lot from the live feedback and explanations. Brian was very helpful and patient with the students in my class. I plan on reviewing all material before testing. -Prudence

Prudence    May 17, 2017  

Brian is great. He is very responsive to his students and cares about their individual success. He is very knowledgeable about securities and the content that he teaches. Thanks Brian Janet Flisak

Janet Flisak    May 17, 2017   Series 6 Study   

I purchased the 4 series card packs about a month ago to help my daughter complete her Series 6 & 63 and I planned to use the Series 26 cards to help me with my upcoming exam. Beyond doubt, one of the best decisions I've made! I didn't feel the online provider did a great job in preparing me for the Series 26 exam. After receiving low passing scores on the practice exams, I pulled out the Series 26 cards, studied them and passed the exam with points to spare! I feel the cards gave me the 8-10 percentage point edge I was needing to feel comfortable with the exam!!!

John Hunter Noel    September 12, 2017   Concept Cards   

“I have never in my entire life heard a classroom of people studying for any exam laughing and carrying on like this group was today. Brian lit these guys up today with this Series 65 training. Brian is probably one of the best teachers I've ever watched.”

Jon Lavin SNSD    May 16, 2016  

“Strongly Recommended. I went to Kaplan 2 Day Cram and Brian was more effective.”

Anonymous Student    May 16, 2016  

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