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  1. Primerica454

    Hey. When is the next live webinar for the 65 please?


    1. briankolins (Post author)

      I am expecting it to be oct 21&22. I (Brian) am getting married oct 8, so planning is a bit tough until that little event on the calendar has passed. In a couple weeks I likely will be able to fully solidify the 21st and will make flyers and all. But good bet is 22&22 with times 10a-7p EST, but if enough non eastern are interested, I can also push it back an hour or two to make it easier.

      1. Primerica454

        OK. Thx. Looks like it’s scheduled for the 30th of Sept and Oct 1. Is that right please?

        1. Brian Kolins

          Yes, sorry for not seeing this sooner.

  2. Sonny


    How do I access the link for the class today 5/26/2018?


    1. briankolins (Post author)

      You have to be logged in and it is on the Webinars Page. Sorry for the delay, please reach out to with questions, as I see them quicker then comments here.

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