All of this is tentative. This is the basic idea, nothing is finalized!

Who should Consider:

Any office that averages at least 2 life licenses a month.

How it works:

Anyone may purchase the monthly subscription. You pick which level of subscription you want, based on expected number of licenses.

What happens if you go over?

There will be a beneficial price per additional student, but if you routinely are getting more life licenses than your subscription level, you will simply be asked to raise your subscription level.

What you get:

You will be able to sign up students for The Securities Guys SIE Study Course, up to the limit you’ve signed up for.
They will have full access like any full paying student would.


Subscription Prices*

*Subject to change

Individual Price is $130/student

2-4 Students, for $250/month
5-10 Students, for $650/month
11-15 Students, for $1000/month
16-20 Students, for $1400/month
21-25 Students, for $1750/month
26-30 Students, for $2000/month