How to use the site the best

Many people ask how they should use the membership and course material. So I made this. All of the classes have a lot of similarities, so the information is mostly going to be the same across the tests.

Watch the last replay

Replays are Here. This is important for all students. It is my #1 suggestion on “what should I do before class”. If you watch a previous replay, using the replay to “learn” the information, you can then focus during the live webinar on “perfecting” the knowledge, ask questions, make sure you really understand the topics instead of having to try and learn it while we are live in class.

Read the Posts

Posts are Here.  I put posts up on topics students suggest. If there are any topics you personally are struggling with and think having a post would be a benefit, let Brian know! 

Take Practice Tests

Using whatever system you have, take practice quizzes on the material. Feel free to take screenshots and send them to Brian, or write down the question. Make sure though that you are able to see the question if you contact Brian or Jeff for help, as very subtle changes in the language you may not remember, could be very key to the question. With the entire question, we can help you figure out the important parts to focus on for the answer.