Step-by-Step instructions to sign up and watch the Webinar classes.

You first need to register for the exam. Go to the Registration page and choose the specific class you are looking to join;

  • Series 6: if you want to join the Series 6, 6-class study course.
  • Series 63: if you want to join the Series 63, 2-class study course.
  • Series 6 Cram: If you want to join the Series 6, 2-day cram course.
  • Member 6/63: If you want to join both the Series 6, 6-class study course, and a future Series 63 2-class study course at the discounted combined price.
  • Member 65: If you want to join the Series 65, 2-day cram course.
  • Member 26: If you want to join the Series 26, 1-day cram course.

For more detailed information on the webinars, check out this page.

Once you finish the registration, you are signed up. To verify you are in, you can click the Account link at the top left and it will verify what class you are in.

On the evening before the webinar, go back to the site, and log-in on the account page if you aren’t logged in. You will then be able to click on the Webinar link in the main bar, and you will see the notes for the class, along with the links you will have to click to join.

The best way to view the webinar is through the Fuze application, which is available on all devices. Please make sure you download it before the webinar, but once downloaded, you will never have to use that site again. Windows, Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, Android.

To join the webinar, simply navigate to the Webinar link, and click the link for the class you are in. Make sure you click on the correct day and session.
That is it. Let me know if you have any problems.