Jeff and Brian bring lively, energetic, and even humorous attitudes to teaching securities licensing courses.

We provide live webinars for the same price that most others provide only video replays. We also provide the video replays of the webinars you join, along with all previous versions of the webinar.

Our concept cards, although not in color, cost half as much as our competition, and the quality is at least as good, in some cases better. We use high-quality paper, printed front and back, cut to 3×5 size. You do not have to glue them together or rip them apart yourself. They come plastic wrapped with a copy of our Leitner Method for using flash cards.


The calendar, located in the lower right of each page, is updated automatically when Brian adds an event to his Calendar. We are working with Jeff to have the same effect, but he still uses fax machines and the carrier pigeons just aren’t good enough to get to google calendar.

You can also find a copy of the calendar on The Calendar Page.


Registration is easy!

All you have to do is click on the Registration button in the top bar, or click on the link provided. There is also more information on our How to join the webinars page.

Anyone can sign up! It is advised, of course, you are associated with a Broker Dealer or you will not actually be able to take the test, as you need to be sponsored to be able to register for the test.

Any agent, with any brokerage, may join our webinars. Due to arrangements with the local offices, agents not associated with that office or company may not be able to participate at a given live class, or may have to pay an extra fee to cover room rental charges.

Jeff Tharp’s classes are exclusive to Primerica Agents Only.

Our concept cards are created for each Series Exam. They are the most important concepts and topics from their respective exams with bullet pointed with the important concepts about each. There are no paragraphs, not really definitions, just the important things to know about the most important concepts on the exams.

We currently have and can ship, SIE, Series 6, Series 63, Series 26, and Series 65 cards.

Ordering is easy! Just click here to go to our concept card ordering page.

That depends on the class you are in. All of the classes provide at least one month access after the live webinar, and we may be moving entirely to a 10 week membership system across all classes.

If your membership expires, and you haven’t taken the test yet, contact Brian ( and we will be happy to give you another week or 2 in order for you to rewatch the webinars right before you test.

In all states, The SIE will be the first exam, followed by the Series 6. In most states, the SIE and then both the Series 6 and Series 63 will be needed.

After you take the SIE and the Series 6 and Series 63, the next test gets trickier. It should be started soon after, as the laws are the same, and the material can be similar, the closer you take them, the easier they can be.

The Series 65 is the Investment Adviser Representative Exam or the Fiduciary Exam. It allows the sales of managed accounts and fee-based management. For people who are primarily AGENTS, the Series 65 is the most important of the two. For people who are primarily MANAGERS, then the Series 26 is vastly more important.

The Series 26 is the Limited Principal Exam and allows supervision of Series 6 reps. For those in management and supervision this license is mandatory, and for some of those, with large teams that rarely write on their own pen, the Series 65 isn’t even optional or suggested; it just isn’t needed.

The Series 63 and 65 are similar, while the Series 6 and 26 are more similar to each other than any other exam. That is not to say they are the same, merely similar. The 65 is like the 63’s older brother, with a bad attitude, and a chip on his shoulder. The 26 is like the 6’s distant cousin, who although they may look alike in certain ways, speaks a different language, and just doesn’t like you.

The 65 and the 26 are both a step above in difficulty, complexity, and time required to master than the SIE, 6, and 63.

We have notes that are posted along with all the webinars, and the notes go with the webinars.

We suggest you acquire an additional, more thorough book. We teach about 90% of what is on the test. We do not teach 100% of the test as that last 10-15% is A LOT of potential information it could be on. Having the book, and access to question banks will be very helpful. We recommend Kaplan.

We are working on a Question Bank but it will not be available soon.

I don’t know. I believe Jeff brought me on board to bring him kicking and screaming into the 20th century. We will have to wait for him to get to the 21st, but let’s at least get him into the 20th.


Please contact us by e-mail, and with any questions you have, any time. We will get back to you as soon as we can. You can also use our contact page to send us an e-mail.

Enrolled students will have access to our cell phone numbers and are encourages to call and text us as well. Please don’t call too late, but you can text Brian whenever you want, and Jeff’s schedule will be posted, but likely you can text him whenever you want. Generally the message sound isn’t loud enough to wake us.

Below is a video explaining the location of the important parts of the site from the main page.

If you are not registered for a class, you will not see Posts, Webinars, and the Recent Posts will not have as many entries.

It depends on the class you would like.

For SIE, Series 6, Series 63 classes, or Series 26 classes, contact or

For Series 65, contact

All of the replays from ALL of the webinars are available for watching. It allows us to build a library of videos about the same topic, but explained differently, with different questions, and different stories. This means that students don’t have to watch the same webinar they were in, over and over, they can watch the same material, presented differently.

This can lead to some confusion. In Series 6 study course, the one with the most webinars both per class, and the most number of classes so most total webinars can be a little messed up. The first Series 6 classes (along with the second had 63 combined) were called V1 and V2. The third was V3 and did not include a Series 63 component. The classes now are marked by Month and Year (MonYYYY) format to make it easy. If you want to see the class taught January 2017, look for Jan2017. If you want the class taught April 2017, look for Apr2017.

The other classes, being they came after we realized the confusion over calling them V1, V2,… are named by date.

Make sure you watch several different ones. They have different student questions and different explanations.

As of now, when people join for membership, pretty much all membership classes state 10 weeks of access. That is the 10, in the 10+2. When you first join, you have 10 weeks of access to the webinars, replays, posts, etc. Then it goes back to General Member and you will lose access to a lot of the material. You are always welcome to join back, please contact me as I give discounts on coming back and they have to be done manually, but sometimes people just need a little push right before they test. That is where the +2 of the 10+2 comes in. I will give 2 additional weeks, useful right before you test so you can rewatch and reread everything. All you have to do is e-mail me your username and when you want it.


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