Basic Study Pointers

This is what I share with everyone I meet on Facebook;

Some of the basic pointers I would give for Securities Exam studying.

I generally recommend 20-30 minute AT LEAST every day (that is for the 6, others may have different recommendations, but similar), and 1-3 hours a couple days a week. You don’t want to burn out by studying too much and making your brain scream and refuse to work with you because you are pushing it too hard. You also don’t want to have a lot of days without studying or you start to forget. You want to find the right pace, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

I’d recommend taking a lot of Kaplan qbank tests, and then write out all the explanations for the questions you got wrong or the ones you guessed and happened to get lucky. Basically, you build a list of the topics you DON’T KNOW, and that is what you should study. Try not to waste time on material you already know.

I also recommend everyone make their own flash cards. That allows easy carrying and use of study materials at all times. The best flashcards someone can get are always the ones they make themselves. Many however don’t have time to do that, and we do sell the second best flash cards (after the ones you would make yourself).

We also have classes you may want to consider. I try to teach the 85-90% method; 80-90% of what is on the test, because that is all you need to pass, and the last 10-15% is just so huge it isn’t worth class time really covering. Which is why you’d also want to look through the book; not read it, but skim through it. Look for words or phrases you don’t know, topics you didn’t understand etc.

We have 2 basic classes for the Series 6. The 2-day review course (info at, and the 6-class study course (info at The review course is high intensity over 2 days giving you all the information. The Study Course is slower paced, breaking down the material into more bite-size, manageable portions for easier understanding. Both also provide replays so you can rewatch the class. The study course actually have 4 full course replays, so you can watch the same class, but different recordings to see the same class, but slightly different so it is harder to get bored watching the same thing.