About the Series 65

The Series 65 exam is no joke. It is a very difficult test. It however is certainly passable with the right work. Reading the book, taking a course, taking pratice exams, and continuing to study up until the day of the exam are all strongly recommended.

The Series 65 is a securities license required by most U.S. states for individuals who act as investment advisors. The Series 65 exam, called the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination, covers laws, regulations, ethics and topics such as retirement planning, portfolio management strategies and fiduciary responsibilities.

The Securities Guys and the Series 65

The Securities Guys currently offer one primary solution for the Series 65 and that is a weekend cram course hosted by Brian Kolins. Brian also handles individual students on a tutoring basis, but there is currently no work in trying to make it anything other than a 2 day cram course.

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