About The Series 65

The Series 65 and the Series 26 are the ‘bigger’ exams in the industry. They are step-ups of other exams. The Series 26 is a step-up from the 6, I call it a distant cousin; similar in many ways, but it doesn’t like you and makes fun of you and runs away. The 26 can be hard to catch.

The 65 on the other hand is like the Series 63’s older step brother, with a steroid addiction. The 65 has a bad attitude, a chip on its shoulder and it hates you. Whereas the 26 runs away, the 65 turns and punches.

Be prepared before you tackle the 65. I have been scaring people for years, and keep getting told I shouldn’t scare people about the Series 65. My response has always been the same; No. I will continue to scare people about the Series 65, because if you are studying for the 65, and you aren’t at least a little scared about it, you won’t study hard enough.

For years the 65 was generally considered the second hardest Series exam, second only to the Series 7; a 260 question, 7 hour exam. In October 2018, with the release of the SIE exam, the Series 7 was cut down to a 3 hour, 130 question exam. The Series 7 got ‘easier’, and as such, I believe, the Series 65 is now the hardest Series exam. Be ready, be prepared, or you will be another victim of the Series 65.

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