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Upcoming Series 63 Live Webinar Classes

Please check calendar on right of every page. ALL upcoming classes are listed there, sometimes I don’t post them here. Sorry.
Please check on the Agenda on the right of every page, or the Calendar page for upcoming courses. If you don’t see any, please reach out to Brian@TheSecuritiesGuys.guru.

What you get with Membership

With the Replay Only class you have access to All Video Replays, All Animations, All Posts, and All Additional Videos.

With the Live Webinar Membership you have access to everything in the Replay Only Membership, but with the addition of the links for the live webinars when they occur.

Video Replays

The Series 63 is generally done through video replays and access to our Posts and Animations. The videos and membership are $20.

If you are interested in a LIVE Series 63 class, we need 5-6 people and 4 hours to run a LIVE Series 63 class. The Live Class is $40. Please contact Brian@TheSecuritiesGuys.guru if you want to try and get a LIVE Series 63 class.

iSpring and Samples

The iSpring lecture is now available (recorded July 2018)! You can see a sample of the Series 65 iSpring Lecture and Series 26 iSpring Lecture.

You can see a sample of the webinar replays from a selection of our Series 6 Study Course at www.facebook.com/TheSecuritiesGuys.

In addition to the Videos;

Members also have access to a full list of Posts. Some of them are available for sampling at that link. 

In addition, there are Animations, again some are available for sampling at that link.

You get the Guys!

With all of our classes, from the live interactive streaming webinars to our video options, all our members can e-mail, text, or call us (Jeff & Brian) with any questions!

To Register

Before registering for the live class, make sure one is coming up.

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