About the Series 6 Study Course

The SIE is coming!

The Securities Industry Essentials Exam is going to be here October 1st. After October 1st, 2 different tests (the SIE and the *new* Series 6) will be required to be a representative, in addition to the Series 63 in most locations. That means before October 1st you generally will only need 2 tests to be fully licensed, the 6&63, whereas after October 1st you will need 3 tests; The SIE, the *new* Series 6, and the *old/same* Series 63.

The SIE is 75 questions, the *new* Series 6 is 50 questions.

More information about The SIE exam and how The Securities Guys will help, is at www.The-SIE.com (keep checking, it will be keep getting updated)

Upcoming Series 6 Study Classes

There are no more live Series 6 classes

Six 3-hour Live Webinars

Live and interactive webinars. Structured more like a class; 1 3-hour class, one day a week for 6 weeks. The first five classes are all New Material; the last class is a review.

You have access to ALL replays, not just the current class, meaning you can (and should) sign up early, watch the previous classes version of the webinar, so you can learn the material offline, and then ask all the questions you have during the live session.

New Format

No one else offers a Series 6 class like this! Not everyone can learn in intensive 2-day Cram Classes/Training Classes etc. Some can, but many, after a few hours of concentrating, start losing focus, and the last few hours of each day have much less retention.

Brian created the 6-class Study Course to try and help people, who like him, can’t focus on listening for 6-8 hours straight easily.

Structured as a Membership

When you join you become a Member of the site. Membership includes not just the live webinars, but also the PostsAnimations, and all of the replays. There are samples of the Posts and Animations at those links.

You can take a look at samples of our webinars on our facebook page; Sample of the Webinar Replay

You get the Guys!

With all of our classes, from the live interactive streaming webinars to our video options, all our members can e-mail, text, or call us (Jeff & Brian) with any questions!

Price and Registration

The Review Course is $99 for 10 weeks of initial access to the videos and replays, and then 2 additional weeks after those initial 10 if needed.

There is always the 6-class Cram Course

Information for the 2-day Cram Course


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