The SIE is coming!

The SIE is now here!! If you do not have a U4 open for the Pre-October Series 6, this is NOT the class you want! You will have to take the SIE!

The SIE is 75 questions, the *new* Series 6 is 50 questions.

More information about The SIE exam and how The Securities Guys will help, is at (keep checking, it will be keep getting updated)

Two-day intensive webinar

Live and interactive webinar. This is not a typical “Cram Course”; this is a full and complete course covering all of the material needed for success on the Series 6 exam, it just covers it in 2 intensive days of class. There is an 80-page notebook that comes with the class. You also have access to replays of the class, so if you missed something, you can go back and rewatch it as many times as you like!

Time Tested

This is the course Jeff Tharp has been teaching for over 10 years!

We hear from our students about what they see, and we adjust the material, and add stories.

Structured as a Membership

When you join you become a Member of the site. Membership includes not just the live webinars, but also the PostsAnimations, and all of the replays. There are samples of the Posts and Animations at those links.

You can take a look at samples of our webinars on our facebook page; Sample of the Webinar Replay

The Series 6 Cram Course also sometimes called the Review Course.

This is the course Jeff Tharp made famous! It is a 2-day, high-intensity class covering all of the material needed for the Series 6

You get the Guys!

With all of our classes, from the live interactive streaming webinars to our video options, all our members can e-mail, text, or call us (Jeff & Brian) with any questions!

Upcoming Series 6 Cram Classes

Please check calendar on right of every page. ALL upcoming classes are listed there, sometimes I don’t post them here. Sorry.

Saturday, November 17 (12p-8p Eastern) and Sunday, November 18 (12p-8p Eastern)

Price and Registration

The Review Course is $99 for 10 weeks of initial access to the videos and replays, and then 2 additional weeks after those initial 10 if needed.

There is always the 6-class Study Course

Information for the 6-class Series 6 Study Course


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