Help with Kaplan

Kaplan Interface

Series 6 – Getting Started

This contains some useful information to check for ideas on how to study. Check it out, but it isn’t that useful if you follow The Securities Guys’.

Important Information – Check Regularly

Do as it says, check regularly but not particularly useful.


Download the License Exam Manual PDF and Class Notes PDF. They are useful and you should look through them.

The Video Library and OnDemand Courses are another video library you can use if you need extra material to study. Check them out, I don’t want to judge other video work, but I like mine. And that is an unbiased honest answer.


This has 1 blue button, and it is the button you should be pressing the most during your studying. Read more below.


The primary practice tests you should be taking are QBank. The Checkpoint exams can help you through individual areas, and the same with the midterm, but they aren’t particularly useful or helpful. The QBank can do all the same things.

The Practice Exam and The Mastery Exam.

Some brokers require reps to pass one or both of these exams before they will pay for the agent to take the exam.

Study Tools

Not particularly relevant

Securities Pro QBank, “The QBank”

Custom Exam

This is the primary practice test tool. There are lots of options, look around and play with it. It will be both your best friend for these exams and probably your worst enemy too.

You can create a custom name if you would like, it may make it easier to identify a specific exam later when you want to review it. The default though is a date, so if you know the date and time you took the exam, you will find it.

Under Topics Available you can click the pluses to keep expanding sections. This is how you can narrowly target to specific chapters, or even sub-chapters if you want to really work on certain material.

You can also choose to use all the questions, only unused questions, or previously wrong questions when you make this. Make your pick, unused is liked to be the hardest of those choices.

You can pick any number of questions. If you only have 10-15 minutes, do a quick 10 question quiz, and do 2 or 3 of them in a day. If you have an hour or 2, do a 50-100 question quiz. You can always come back later. These quizzes are not timed, that is both good and bad. Try to take the quizzes as close to the testing environment as you like. I recommend no distraction, no business, just take the test. You should really be taking less than 1 minute per question, and should really be able to get a test done in roughly 30 seconds per question or 30 minutes for 50 questions, and hour for 100. You aren’t doing each question in 30 seconds, but some questions will be very fast, others slower, but you want to try to keep your time to under a minute a question. Read my post on “Rush and Review” if you have more questions as to why.

Under quiz, features leave them blank. Always. There is no reason to score as you go, if you get 2 wrong in a row it might start messing with your head, there is no beneficial reason to know that as you test.

Then you just launch the quiz and go.

The Custom Exam is what I refer to as “QBank test/quiz”

Simulate Exam

The Simulated Exam is 100 questions for the Series 6, taken with the proportionality of the real exam. The regular custom exam QBank is not proportional, it is just 100 random questions taken from selected topics. This is always 100 questions.

Reviewing finished QBank exams

When you first click in QBank from the main Series 6 page, you will see your completed exams. If you didn’t change the name, they are named for the day you took them.

Click on the name of the specific exam. The first page will show you your percentile score, how long you spent on it, and each question correct or incorrect, and allow you to go specifically to that question. That can take a while, looking at each question individually.

The best way is to click on Print Quiz at the top. Now you have ALL the questions and answers and explanations. Near the top, you will see Print Options, click that and click on Answer Display. That will show you the actual correct answer. While looking through it if the bolded answer (your answer) is not checked off, you got it wrong. Each question has an explanation, so you can try and see why you got it wrong. Each also has the location in the Exam Book that the material is covered so you can go to either the PDF or hard-copy, if you ordered it, to read more.

How to send the report to Brian for help

You need to print that quiz as a pdf. Click the little printer button next to the Print Options we just clicked and change printer. Look for anything with PDF, most have it as “Save to PDF” or “Adobe PDF” or “Microsoft Print to PDF”, or something similar. When you have that selected, and you click to print a new message comes up asking you to save the file. Make sure you save the PDF with a name you recognize and a location you can find. Then save it, and e-mail it to If you have any questions or don’t have one of those PDF printer options, please contact me as well and I will try to work with you on it.