Grumble Tests

Why “Grumble”?

These are basically the hardest tests you will be able to make in the QBank. They’ll make you Grumble!

How to start

The Grumble Test is actually the second test you will take in the process. You first have to take a 50-100 QBank on ALL questions in the bank for your exam. You then want to look through the Performance Tracker. The more questions you take, the better the outcome.

This is a performance tracker report from a 50 question Series 6 I took for demonstration purposes. I wasn’t aiming for a specific score, or area.

After you have taken your 50-100 question QBank quiz, and are looking at the performance tracker, look for the areas you scored the WORST in. Below I have circled the worst sections I scored in.

Now you pick the 6-8 lowest areas, and concentrate on them. Those are your worst areas. I have highlighted those below.

So, now comes The Grumble

You want to take a 50-100 question QBank quiz JUST on those sections. Just on your WORST sections. Told you it would make you Grumble 😉

For me, that would be; Investment Company Registration, Mutual Fund Distribution and Taxation, Retirement Planning, Communications with the Public, and Types of Accounts.

Not all of the QBank sections are represented, as I only took 50 questions. Taking 100 questions gives more questions, and gets a better read of where you are weak.

Remember, this test will be very difficult. There are not going to be the ‘easier’ questions you are used to, as this is a test on just your worst areas.

But imagine the feeling when you start passing these… the tests on your worst areas… passing tests if the only questions on it are ones you aren’t good at, or at least didn’t think you were good at. Imagine the boost that is going to be when you have successfully mastered, what currently just makes you Grumble.

Enjoy 🙂