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Welcome to The Securities Guys!

We are here to help agents pass their Securities Exams. We currently work with the Series 6, Series 63, Series 65, and Series 26. Click any of the links for more information on that exam.

We offer Webinars and Live Classes, along with Concept Cards to help study.

April 2017   Anthony Timet   Series 26
November 2017   Al Lewis   Series 6
December 2017   Karl Tria   Series 6
February 2018   Jackson Linford   Series 26
February 2018   Glen Griffin   Series 6
March 2018   Julie Bortner   Series 65
March 2018   Bill Griggs   Series 63
March 2018   Quince Gainous   Series 6
April 2018   Debbie Billington Rioux   Series 6
April 2018   Ian Prukner   Series 65
April 2018   Quince Gainous   Series 63
April 2018   Lorraine Mercado-Lasquete   Series 6
April 2018   Brandon Martin   Series 6
May 2018   Javier Martinez   Series 6
May 2018   Richard Rufino   Series 26
May 2018   Brian Hurst   Series 6
May 2018   Dani Stapleton   Series 6
June 2018   Dezorah Hernandez   Series 6
June 2018   Javier Martinez   Series 63
June 2018   Carson Hunt   Series 6
July 2018   Paul Chavez   Series 6
Please let us know when you passed and
what test and we will add you to the list!

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