Upcoming Classes

This is a list of planned future Interactive Webinar classes.

Series 6 Study Course (6-class study course)

Wednesdays for West Coast starting August 30th, 11p-2a Eastern, 8p-11p West Coast, 5p-8p Hawaii

Thursdays for East Cost starting August 24th, 7p-10p Eastern 4p-7p West Coast, 1p-4p Hawaii

Series 6 Review Course (2-day Cram Course)

Saturday, Sept 16, 4p-10p Eastern & Sunday, Sept 17, 11a-7p Eastern.

Series 26

Saturday, Oct 14th and Sunday, Oct 15th; 11a-7p Eastern

Series 65

Saturday & Sunday, October 21&22, 11a-7p

Saturday & Sunday, September 30 & October 1, 11a-7p*
*There must be at least 5 students in the September 30/October 1 class. It is the week before my wedding, with less than 5 it will be hard to justify to the fiance. I hope you understand.



For more information Click Here or you can register by clicking on the registration link at the top of the page.

Jeff’s schedule will be coming, and the layout of this page will change.

Check www.JeffTharp.com for updates


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  1. Pooleshark

    Should I take your cram corse for the 65 before I start to study? Took the test one year ago after flying to test teachers in AZ.for the 4, day class, and studied an additional 80 hours. Failed exam with a 71. Want to take and pass the exam in October. Thanks Jim Poole

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